- Welcome! -


Today is the day! I wanted to start out with a little welcome video just to say hello and "meet" you all! This is going to be a great 4 weeks together, and I am excited to share it with you! I mentioned in your reminder email last week that I'd be giving you a bit more of a breakdown of our weeks ahead, so I'll be doing that today, along with sending you a few other gentle reminders about creating from your heart. So let's get to it, shall we? 

- What will our weeks look like? -

As I mentioned in the reminder email last week, you'll be getting all lessons via email from me, Monday thru Friday. Mondays will usually have a little anecdote or story, and get your prepped for the week, while Fridays will be all about inspiration. The middle of the week will be your creative prompts. Keep in mind as you move through these prompts, they can be used over and over in new ways and with new experiences too, so consider this just a beginning point, a place to try things out. Make note of which prompts you like the most and try to revisit those in the future. And if you get behind or do things out of order, that's totally fine too! There is no need to keep up a daily pace if that doesn't work for you. So please, go at your own pace, knowing that you can always revisit any of this down the road.

Below is a breakdown of what we’ll be focusing on week-to-week, so you know what to expect:

This first week will be all about preparing for what's ahead. We'll be gathering materials, choosing notebooks, and carving out a space within our homes to be our creative sanctuary. I like to start with a prep week so that it eases everyone into things. This is also a good time to introduce yourself in the Facebook group and start getting to know one another!

During this week, you’ll explore various ways of telling your story in words, including poetry, letter writing, personification and fearless writing. Words are one of my most-used methods for expressing my emotions and experiences, and I'm certain you will really love this week even if writing is quite new to you!

In week 3, you’ll be trying out various ways to tell your personal stories with the camera. Through self portraits, photo meditations, and visual storytelling, you’ll find ways to use photographs to express your inner world and also to find your calm within the storm. 

Continuing with visual work, we’ll be getting good and messy in our final week! Using simple, non-intimidating methods, you’ll explore the connection that color has to our emotions as well as the therapeutic nature of free painting. We'll also try some symbolism painting/collage as a way to add new layers of meaning - helping you to see your experiences and yourself in new ways.

The Facebook Group

If you haven't already, head on over and request to be added to the group! I have seen first-hand the kind of close-knit community that can be built in these spaces. While it is not required, we would love for you join us in the Facebook group to share about your story and your experience as you create during the course! Feel free to introduce yourself, or if just listening quietly is your thing, that's fine too. You're welcome to show up however you like. 


A Note on Expectations

It can be easy to get wrapped up in our expectations and worries when we create, especially if it’s very new for us. Creating is always a little bit scary and vulnerable, even for me, and I've been doing it over a decade! I know the thoughts well... "What if my writing sounds like a bunch of whining?" "What if my paintings aren’t any good?" "What if I don’t have time to do everything?" I want you to remember, this course is here to help you, NOT to add more stress to your life. So I hereby “fire” you from worry and self-criticizing. There!

Okay, I know that won’t actually stop you… so when you do catch yourself worrying or criticizing yourself, try and remind yourself kindly that this is all about feeling things, not about making masterpieces. You have all the permission in the world to make ugly, horrific, bad, hard-to-understand things. We are using art to explore ourselves and our grief, not to make pretty pictures and flowery poems. Relax and lean into whatever comes... knowing it is meant to come out.

What's Next?

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the importance of making your “create space”, and looking at a few examples of what that means. See you back here in the morning, my brave sisters!