Mighty Mockups is a little side project born out of a desire to connect with other creatives and tap into my silly side in the stuff I make.

I've been selling my fine art photography online for over six years now, and I recently decided: (1.) Doing it all the time gets kind of heavy, and overly serious, and (2.) It freakin’ lonely! 

I’ve been shooting my own fine art to put up online for years now, and recently felt a desire to use this skill in a new way. I have always loved supporting other artists and encouraging their journey - so I’m extending that passion by providing some fun, lighthearted product photography! My goal is to bring some joy and a bit of silliness to my product mockups, for those who are making art that embraces the same! I mean, let's face it, I think we can all use a little bit more color, connection and lightness in our lives, am I right?

So that's a little about Mighty Mockups! If you're a spunky creative human selling some fun stuff online, I hope to see you over at my shop! I'm making some kick ass styled stock photography and mockups just for you and your wares! See ya there!  


I’m also offering a FREE mockup download to anyone who joins the MIP club! Mighty Important People deserve mighty good support, so I’ll be sharing selling tips, product photo advice, and special promos with you!