My mixed media fine art is a combination of photography, metal leaf, oil paint, alcohol ink, image transfer and more combined together with wax - a process known as encaustic painting.

I have always been known for being a very meticulous and calculated person. I enjoy getting lost in every last detail of my photography, for example. I often times crave some looseness outside of my photo process though, as well as something more hands-on.

Encaustic painting has become a wonderful, playful opposite to the controlled methods I employ with photography. The nearly instant dry time with wax, the looseness of letting if flow organically, and the ability to reform it in a million different ways have captivated me from day one.

Every new thing you try within the medium of wax feels like a curious discovery in a foreign land. There is so much wonder in this medium for me, and I think that translates in the work itself. When I am creating photographs, I am wonderfully lost in telling stories. When I am creating encaustics, I think I am lost instead in the medium telling me stories as I watch them unfold.