Hi, I’m Sarah, an artist in Northeast Ohio who is all about connecting to life through photography!

From fine art photography to licensed artwork for book covers to product photography and digital mockups, I love using the camera to create in all kinds of ways. What I love most about this variety is that it allows me to express many different sides of my personality. I love darker themes in art, but I am also an enormous dork - see childhood photo. We have not strayed far from this outlook. ;)

My fine art allows me to express the darker and and often more complex emotions of life like grief, sadness, anger, or self doubt. The book cover licensing work lets me explore all kinds of ways to create narrative images and imagine being inside of others’ stories. And product/mockup photography give me a place to just plain have fun - with a lighthearted and often times silly sensibility.

I have a long history with creativity as a healing tool also. Artmaking has helped me through several very significant traumatic events and losses in my life. If you’d like to know more about all of that, please send me a note, as I’m an open book and always love a good chat about the healing power of art!

Photography keeps me honest, it keeps me growing, and it keeps me joyful. If you’re interested in working with me on product photography or image licensing, just contact me here with some details. I’m always open to new projects!