Hi. I’m Sarah. I’m a fine art photographer and I’m all about telling stories of vulnerability and creating connection.

My story with art stems from my mother. She was always creating when we were kids and encouraging us to do the same. When she died, I was nine, and my world shattered. Creativity was the thread that I found connected us still. In my late 20’s , another painful ending led me on a remarkable creative journey…

In the summer of 2012 - one ordinary, sunny say - my fiance was killed in a helicopter crash while living his dreams as a pilot. Yet again, everything in my world came crashing down. The person I was died that day, too. And I was sent on an unfathomable journey through pain. It was creativity that was always there waiting for me. Helping me rebuild. Little did I know, that the person I was to become someone I never could have imagined.

When I picked up my camera for the first time after he died, what had only been a hobby became something else. I began a deeply raw self-portrait series of my grief, which I shared weekly on my blog. It became a way of acknowledging my pain as beautiful and deserving of being seen. I could see that it was helping others, too. Soon I built a community - many of whom were going through their own darkness. They found hope in me and from them I learned how much better we heal when we heal together. It was a life-changing lesson for me and an example of the kind of beauty that can be created in life when we share our most vulnerable selves.