(In Progress)

Self Sabotage

Self Defeat


BECOMING is an exploration around own personal and professional growth. As I began to work out concepts around this idea, I discovered a need to talk more specifically about the ways that I have limited myself from growing. This led to the concept for Becoming - a series which speaks to the many ways that we all limit ourselves, and how we move past that to become the person we want to be.

Making these photographs has come at a time in my life where I am pushing past old limitations and building new stories about what I am capable of. With these changes in myself, I felt a desire to honor the internal struggles and where I am now. The images take on an iconic, heroic feel. I want to honor the courage it takes to never stop striving to grow past those self limiting beliefs. These images represent limiting beliefs that I continue to struggle with at times - but they are also representative of my bravery to be dedicated to growth and of the first powerful moments of beginning to believe new things about myself and who I may become.

As the series progresses, I envision more images focused on limitation as well as an eventual emergence of the new.