With a love of storytelling, Sarah Treanor weaves a tapestry of layered information and emotion into her photography.

As a fine artist, she focuses largely on moments of her own personal stories - vignettes that speak often of loss, isolation, and re-connection. These stories are strongly influenced by the many losses in her life - having experienced the deaths of both her parents and her fiance by the age of 30. Loss has shaped her life in profound ways, some difficult, some beautiful, and she captures this eloquently in her photos.

Her licensed images are an extension of her personal work, having a similar emotional, narrative style. She finds her own way to shoot just about anything - from fine art portraits to landscapes to simple objects of daily life. She has a passion for books and music - and as such has concentrated her stock work with smaller high-end boutiques that specialize in the book publishing and music industries. 

Sarah has a background as a graphic designer, giving her a keen instinct for what makes a composition work. Less is more in her world, and she uses this rule to help her tell visual stories in a powerful and intriguing way. 

When not behind the camera, Sarah occasionally facilitates workshops to help people use the camera and other creative tools for healing and coping with life's struggles. She also writes weekly for the Soaring Spirits International blog, sharing accounts of her continued journey with grief. She is an avid reader, gardener and nature lover, and can often be found wandering trails near her Akron, OH home and studio, taking in the small details of nature for inspiration.

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Exhibitions - Awards & Publications - Workshops & Presentations - Education


2018   Contributing Photographer for Arcangel Images
2014   Image licensed for book cover: Last Psalm at Sea Level by Meg Day

2017   Art of Dying - Commune Gallery, Norfolk, VA
            In Memoriam - Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
            Local Artist Exhibit - Western Reserve Hospital, Akron, OH
            Community Showcase -  Mustard Seed Cafe, Akron, OH

2016   Local Artist Exhibit - Western Reserve Hospital, Akron, OH
            Ohio Regional Showcase - Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati,OH
            Winter/Spring Show - Mustard Seed Cafe, Akron, OH

2015   Annual Group Exhibition - LA Artcore, Brewery Annex - Los Angeles, CA
            Viewings °1 - Women in the Arts - ARTROM Network - Rome, Italy
            39th Annual Photography Exhibition - Larson Gallery - Yakima, WA
            Imagine 2015 - Round Rock Area Arts Council - Round Rock, TX

2014   Dimension XLII Art Center of Corpus Christi - Corpus Christi, TX
            Fall Photography & Sculpture Show - Round Rock Area Arts Council - Round Rock, TX 
            Art in the Hills - New Braunfels Art League Gallery - New Braunfels, TX
            Our Best to You - Seguin Art League - Seguin, TX
            Dreams: Illusion & Fantasy - Black Box Gallery - Portland, OR

2013   Fantasy - Seguin Art League - Seguin, TX
            Annual Photo Show - Seguin Art League - Seguin, TX

2012   Fall Show - Seguin Art League - Seguin, TX

2010   In the Wild - Darkroom Gallery - White River Junction, VT
            Fall Show - Austin Gathering of Photographers - Austin, TX
            Spring Show - Austin Gathering of Photographers - Austin, TX

2014   "3 x 3" Showcase of 3 Collections of My Work - Guadalupe Regional Medical Center - Seguin, TX

2017   Art of Dying Magazine, Vol II - Cover Image & main feature for "Still, Life" series. - Oct 2017
            The Devil Strip - "Inside the Artist's Studio" article - Akron, OH - Mar 2017

2016   INPHA 4 4th International Photography Annual, Manifest Gallery - Cincinnati, OH
            Artist Portfolio MagazineCover and Feature Spread.

2015   1st Place: Photography Award - Imagine 2015 - Round Rock Area Arts Council, TX
            Jeffrey M Reynolds Award - 39th Annual Juried Photography Exhibition - Larson Gallery, WA

2014   Best of Show - Fall Photography & Sculpture Show - Round Rock Area Arts Council, TX

2013   1st Place, Macro - Annual Photo Show - Seguin Art League, TX

2010   Distinguished Alumni, Fine Art - Del Mar college - Corpus Christi, TX

2017   "Rebuilding our Hearts" - Creative Grief Workshop presented at Camp Widow, Toronto. - 11.11.17
2015   Keynote Presentation - End-of-Life University's annual online Death Expo. - 11.21.2015
            "Still, Life: A Creative Journey of Living with Death" Presentation - Death:OK Conference, Portland, OR - 10.16.2015

2007   University of North Texas - Bachelor of Fine Arts - Communication Design


Features of my Work in Print & Online



INPHA 4  | Manifest Gallery | 2016
International Photography Annual 4
Single image feature & artist bio.

Artist Portfolio Magazine, Issue 24  |  Dec 2015
Cover Image & main feature for "Still, Life" series.


Art of Dying Magazine, Vol II  | Oct 2017
Cover Image & main feature for "Still, Life" series.
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"How does Grief Affect the Creative Process? - Part 2"  |  11.14.2015
Part two of an interview with SevenPonds on grief and creativity. 
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"How does Grief Affect the Creative Process? - Part 1"  |  11.7.2015
Part one of an interview with SevenPonds on grief and creativity.  
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Confessions of a Funeral Director | 11.28.2014
"21 Self Portraits of Living after Lossby Caleb Wilde
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Visual News  |  11.18.2014
"Touching Self-portraits Document the Psychological Journey of Grieving Deathby Justin Crowe
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Design Favs  |  11.17.2014
"Powerful Self-portraits Help People Through the Journey of Grief" by Justin Crowe
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DesignTAXI  |  11.20.2014
"Photographer Takes Moving Self-Portraits to Cope with her Fiance's Death" by Jillian Wong
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UFunk  |  11.19.2014
"The Touching Self Portraits of Sarah Treanor" 
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INPHA 5 | Manifest Gallery | Releasing in 2018
International Photography Annual 5
Single image feature & artist bio.


“Your images give voice to the usually voiceless emotions of grief and transition. Beautiful. Captivating. Eerie. Gut-wrenching. Amazing.”

— Robin W.

“I stumbled upon your beautiful blog whilst searching for creative inspiration. Thank you! What a magnificent, moving and real heart felt creation, beautifully written and presented.”

— Lucie



“Your art work and your writing makes my heart beat a little faster – I am so taken in to your story with awe and with empathy. Your art work resonates with my journey – although different than yours. There is something universal when the path is dark and empty. Thank you for sharing your journey, your love, your soul work, and your art.”

— Mary Rose T.

I loved Sarah’s [Meaningful Making] course! It helped me get in touch with emotions I had put on the back burner, but needed to express. She made the creative process safe, accessible and fun, and possesses a beautiful energy that comes across even in an online course. I’m continuing to journal more often, take more meaningful photographs and generally move through my grief with more tools at my disposal.
— Sharon W
“I’ve experienced so much of my own grief, supported others through their grief, and been exposed to many stories of grief that I’ve been feeling the need to encapsulate the experience in visual terms. Your photography and your words have captured what I was looking for.

Grief comes in many forms, and humanity needs the sort of raw honesty that you have shared here. Your blog is among the most well written and visually gripping I have yet come across that touches on an aspect of life that brings great pain and discomfort to have to acknowledge. But your words and images speak to that pain and discomfort, and in turn create a balm of understanding for the wounded seeker.

Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for sharing your gift. I look forward to updates about your book. I would love to own a copy.”

— Stephanie L.

“I think the reason your photos resonate with me is because I see their central theme as vulnerability, even more central death or loss.

What do we do when we’re naked, defenseless, without the means to communicate or connect? We do what we can with what we’ve got. This is what you’re doing with your art–and it’s beautiful because it completely exposes your vulnerability.”

— Richard

“I was so deeply touched by Sarah’s grief photography that I knew I needed to
purchase a print and share it with others! I have experienced deep loss in my life and her photographs spoke to me personally about grief and healing. I work as a psychotherapist supporting women who have experienced perinatal
trauma, so I chose the photograph “Sanctuary” to hang in my office and to share with my clients. Magnificent work Sarah! Thank you.”

— Michele G.

“You writing is as beautiful as your amazing photographs. Always inspired by your courage and energy. Love.”

— Naz L

“I became a widow at the age of 29 and I just want to thank you for the way that you are able to capture anguish in such a beautiful way. It has transformed the way I see the process in which we are unfortunately going through. You’re creativity has sparked mine and that has given me hope... something I haven’t felt in a very long time.”

— Andrena M.

The [Meaningful Making] e-course is very well designed. I love how Sarah organizes it into four weeks and the works in each week has taken me further and deeper into my own process. The most impressive thing for me is that if you just follow the prompts everyday and get the work done, each day prepare you for the next and each week prepare you for the next. It was very powerful in terms of helping me get in touch with my deep thoughts and feelings and at the same time I could also just dip lightly and have fun rather than overflowing myself. Thanks! I have had a great experience as well as growth and learning.
— Glorcia C.